Machine learning

Do You Know ML?

We all belive "Knowledge is Powerful" and a simple explaination is your "first experience" with anything. These experiences helps us to structure a Plan, but with hundereds of trials and errors. Thomas A Edison made 1000 trial and errors to invent a perfect light bulb, and so does a machine uses millions of trial and errors data to predict the best posssible solution.

We make it easy for children to define and design-perfect their knowledge and skills, who knows all about you. Educating your child in Ai will not only improve their algebra skills, but also will make them communicate and train machines.

Our platform provides Online and Offline (Live) Lectures by Highly Experienced Trainers, and our curriculum design makes ML an easy and fun experience for Children and Teachers

Curriculum Details:

1. ML classes are available from 7th standard onward.
2. 10 Projects and 20 Activities will be completed during this course period.

Demo Overview:

Cognitive skills development

Programming skills development

Understand machine



Price : Rs. 35,999

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