3D Printing

Do You Know 3D Printing?

Design anything you want, and the model of plastic is right infront of you. 3D priniting technologymight be very expensive to buy, but designing one with our kits and codes/training becomes very easy, challenging, exciting and Fun to learn experience.

Lets get Designing: Educating your child in 3D Designing will improve their designing skills and makes them understand to use the softwares/kits to construct their own designs.

Our platform provides Online and Offline (Live) Lectures by Highly Experienced Trainers, and our curriculum design makes 3D Printing an easy and fun experience for Children and Teachers

Curriculum Details:

1. 3D Printing classes are available from 2nd standard onward.
2. 10 Projects and 20 Activities will be completed during this course period.

Demo Overview:

Cognitive skills development

Programming skills development

Understand machine



Price : Rs. 35,999

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