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More than 50+ courses for develop your skill

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Welcome to Edueme Research Labs

Our Kids at EDUEME Research Labs are given full practical knowledge of subjects as we don’t make them sit and read, but make them do experiments and learn by the output. Today’s world is full of competition they need real-life experience to understand things better and faster in technology.

We help to enhance the kids ability to think out of the box and encourage them to make more innovative projects that help them to get a strong knowledge base rather than just following the textbooks they create innovative products and projects from the concept they learn from us.


Integrated Concepts

By working closely with advanced tools and equipment in the workshop student will be exposed to world-class innovation.Students can work on their projects in App developments, Robotic Designing, AI,ML and Python Programming can get industry exposure.

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We are pleased to inform you that our new academic programs are starting soon for coding, robotics, Activity-based projects, public speaking, and Cognitive abilities.
CURRICULUM DESIGNED FOR 2nd Grade to Intermediate 2nd years.

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The Courses are designed by expert trainers, We provide the best learning experience for your child. Provide our trainers to train your students. Our technical team and trainers will available 24/7 for assistance and clarifications.

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Add our programs to your school curriculum and make your kids future-ready with our programs:

Every parent's dream is to provide their kids with the best education that will help them in the future and that is computer science and coding, But unfortunately, the number of schools that are providing them is very less and to fill that gap we edueme will help you.
Edume Research Labs wants to bring coding and robotics, cognitive abilities to you so that every parent can give their kids the best education they deserve our programs.



At EDUEME Research Labs our main focal point is teaching STEM projects. We want to give kids the best chance to learn and succeed in their education and we provide 1000+ projects for them to understand the subject better. Not just teaching them we identify their talent and encourage them in the project they love to do so they can work on projects with more love.
he historical understandings and development of aerodynamics. The concepts of air flow, lift, and torque in the design and construction of models, artist design consideration.


Coding for kids

Coding for kids Computer programming gives kids a challenge and helps them to develop their inner idealogy. Computer coding is the future and learn how to have fun with math. Coding is the base pillar for any technology to learning in the digital world, and it is important to kids to understand the real-world problems and be able to work and acknowledge the technology around them having children learn coding at a young age prepares them for their future. Coding helps to children with Communication, Creativity, Math, Writing and build confidence.


We are here to help your kids can get confident, articulate which makes them a fantastic programmer, we make sure that every single student to explore new things and also we will elevate their confidence levels and self-image. They become future innovators. We build real-time projects on robotics with expert trainers, we train the robotics for grade 2nd to college level. STEM robotics curriculum designed by experts technology trainers for teaching kids robotics with Artificial intelligent and machine learning concepts. We building a mobile-controlled robot with its clear explanations and various projects to build exciting robotics projects for school students, Robotics for Kids – Grade 2nd, is the perfect way to learn to build robots.

Cognitive Abilities/Public Speaking Course

Cognitive abilities will help to boost your child's memory understanding skills, Critical thinking, Creative thinking, and problem-solving skills. We concentrate on every individual kid separately to find their problems on learning and we plan activities accordingly. In this course, we offering you all four key skills of an advanced English course i.e., Reading, Writing, Speaking, and listening along with them we will build their vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

Our Facilities

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    Global Certificate

    We provide the certificate on completion of the course and you can share innovative knowledge and skills.

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    Classroom Sessions & Workshops

    Students will get to know about the real-time problems and they learn to solve them by the interactive model of learning.

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    Comprehensive Curriculum & Assessments

    A well-designed training program provided by edueme, A complete Understanding of STEM concepts Mathematics and Science (Physics, Biology, Chemical).